Working Areas
With professionalism and innovation, our company serves several areas, such as Plant, Industry, Laboratory and Residence. All machines are designed with quality and durability. Check each.
 - Plants

With parts and equipment made from stainless steel and can ensure many benefits of conservation and maintenance of equipment.

Tanks are manufactured, and support structures for equipment and parts in general.
 - Industries

We develop and manufacture parts and equipment for stainless steel and various types of industries such as food, chemical, pharmaceutical, among others.

Also deploy new equipment and do maintenance as needed, with prior appointment.
 - Residences

In the home, designed with stainless steel parts are increasingly in architectural space, appearing in the structure and to complement the decor.

Stairs, handrails, closet, sink, front complete the look of the residence, the pieces are sturdy and have low maintenance cost. The Usino'x performs the perfect finish and provides full service.
 - Laboratories

With the use of stainless steel, are manufactured equipment, props, tables, and other parts for laboratories.

This material facilitates the cleansing site and maintains durability. meet even pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, among others.